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Monday, August 03, 2009

Wolf vs Viking Part 2 - 48 inch

This is the biggest battle in cooking. Wolf, owned by SubZero, is the retooled newcomer vs the entrenched incumbant Viking. Viking at one time owned 50% share in the pro range market, but a funny thing happens when you spend your time opening culinary centers and hosting cooking tours. You become increasingly vulnerable to competition, especially from companies who plan well...

Viking woke up last year and launched a new range. Lets look at this versus the Wolf... But before, there are new products out as I look at this old post from the future. Have a look at the Pro Range buers guide

Buyers Guide

Wolf still has better simmer capabilities, convection and self cleaning in the second oven and a clock and timer unit....


  1. Anonymous5:22 AM

    FYI as someone looking at a Wolf 48 inch range, the dual fuel ranges simmer to 925btu except for one burner that goes to 325btu. The all gas Wolf 48 - with open burners - simmer to 500btu on all burners.
    I've read the Viking specifications for their range - why don't they list the minimum (simmer) btu? They make it hard to compare.

    And - love the blog. Thanks.

  2. You are welcome. Thanks for reading. You are looking at an old post.....It has been updated a few times since