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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wall Ovens...Again

Let's end the wall oven quandry...

Wall ovens like most appliances fit cabinet specifications. New construction typically fits a 30 inch cabinet, and older sizes can be 27 or even 24 inch.

In 1975ish, convection became the new feature in high end cooking. Convection as you know is fan forced heat for more even cooking. 35 years later, there hasn't been much in the way of significant inprovement from the original design.

With this much easier task at hand, I would consider the following:

Super Premium:

Wolf and Miele - Wolf has two convection fans and a ton of cooking modes for people who want to cook. Miele has the best controls, which eliminate the guesswork out of almost any recipe.


Thermador and Electrolux - Both have good controls as their value proposition. Thermador has the best rebate program (yes a free dishwasher would help sway me as a consumer)


Bosch - I dont understand the marketing, but their products are attractive, functional and a great value.


  1. Are there any wall ovens with a more classic/timeless design...all of these look way too contemporary to me (except for the thermador)

  2. If you like the look of the Thermador Professional, you could also consider the Viking Professional series. Both offer the modern sleek look, as well as a more commercial wall oven with controls/knobs instead of an electronic touchpad.