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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Its All About The Knobs

Bertazzoni has just started manufacturing a new range. At first glance, it looks like their other 30 inch model...

$300 price difference for knobs? Are they solid silver?


  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    the MASTER XE series range by Bertazzoni that you have photographed has several differences from the X30 PRO model - different knobs, different handle, no bottom storage drawer, lighter oven racks - and carries a $400 lower price tag than the PRO model in 30" size.

  2. I stand corrected(kind of)

  3. We are completely remodeling a kitchen with all new appliances and are entirely confused at this point. We are trying to stay at or below (ha!) $5K. I love cooking, so the range is by far the number 1 priority. I think a duel fuel range would be best, but the options seem endless and I am very gun shy after reading everyone's opinions which are all different. What would you suggest for a wanna-be chef spending only $5K on range, dishwasher and refrig in stainless of course?

  4. Wanna-Be,

    Dont be gun shy...Look at the new Frigidaire Gallery Pro, Bosch and GE Profile. All have dual fuel, power burners and should keep you within budget(GE may be slightly outside)

    Good luck