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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Lights Dim in Beantown

Have to confess, I am an insomniac..always have been. So here it is at 2:14 in the morning, and I am reading Boston.com. Two businesses, Boston institutions, are calling it quits, Yolandas and WBCN.

Fo the unfamilar, Yolandas was the place to buy a bridal gown in the city(I have deftly managed to avoid that scenario). She is 74, and simply calling it quits to spend time with her family. She is going the way of many, locally owned businesses. Between capitalization and succession planning, most businesses dont reach a second much less a third generation...

WBCN shutting down is a shock. The station created alternative rock back in 1968. I remember as a kid always listening. In fact, before I went to college in 1982, I used to wake up at 5 just to listen to Charles and The Big Mattress Morning Show. That was unbelievable, free form radio. Over the years, to quote J Geils(their frontman Peter Wolf was an early DJ) BCN "must have got lost"(great tune), and with competition from Itunes and satelite could not compete without a clear value proposition.

Sad day for this city especially since there is no clear replacement..as the CEO of Yale(an institution wannabe) the message resonates: Stay relevant, competitive and plan for the future or else

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