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Monday, July 06, 2009

The Increasing Power Of Social Media

I have previously written about this before, but social media has become much more important even in the last 6 months. Here is a test: How many over 40 somethings are now texting or posting on Linkedin or Facebook. Its not just for the kids anymore.

I have to respect the power, and truthfully it is a concern, threat or opportunity for anyone running a business today. We have 22 salespeople, 7 delivery vehicles and 17 service vans. Odds are a client will be unhappy at some point. We have worked on service, service recovery and immediate response to any bad postings. Constructive criticism can only help (if you can take it).

It will change the way you will buy appliances. In home improvement, there are three social media sites worth checking out:

1. Angies List..There are at present 66 reviews of Yale on this site. It is geared towards home improvement and requires a small fee to join. Well worth the cost

2. Yelp: Geared towards shopping with a younger, hippier audience, this is a fun site

3. Citysearch: Another shopping site similar to Yelp

Typically you see the negative, but look for patterns in mistakes. For shoppers, this is a good indication of your overall sales experience.

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