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Thursday, July 09, 2009

How to Light a Kitchen Part 3: Accent

Why am I spending so much time in the kitchen? When you watch TV in the living room or go to sleep in the bedroom, you are shutting the light down or off. Kitchens and baths are a different story and really the only true task applications in your house.

As the kitchen has become all encompassing to include the living space, there are many opportunities for different types of light. You may have artwork on the walls, pottery on a counter or crystal in a cabinet, which you would like to highlight. Accent lighting provides this function.

For example, Next time you are in a nice hotel and see a beautiful flower arrangement, look up. It will most certainly be highlighted by accent lghting. The most common accent lights (for now) are pinhole recessed, which looks like this(they can be smaller)...

Or track lighting

They both utilize a low voltage bulb, which is slightly whiter than an incandescent. This whiter light is great accent lighting. Crate and Barrel utilizes this light commercially better than anyone, especially glassware.

Off today...will respond to questions Monday.


  1. my question has nothing to do with lighting, but i didn't see an email address to send my question so i'm posting it here as a comment.

    anyway, how can i figure out if a company is offering rebates? i just purchased a house and i'm getting a new washer/dryer and new appliances. i'd like to take advantage of the rebates. are they offered a certain month or what? i've looked on your site some, but it's not clear to me.

    great blog!

  2. Rebates seem deliberately ambiguous from the manufacturer...If you want to scan your list and email it to steve.sheinkopf@yaleappliance.com, I can probably help.

    Some rebates are regional, so it depends where you live