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Friday, July 17, 2009

Cool Kelvin

First, Pat installed Google Reactions at the bottom of each post to gauge opinion. Think of it as particpation without commentary.

Now look at these two sconces...

The one on the left is a 15 watt incandescent...and the one on the right is a 5 watt fluorescent. You probably still hate fluorescent despite my pleas to think otherwise, but it does look better. This is a color rendering fluorescent, which has the same characteristics of an incandescent.

Now look at the benefits:

More light using 1/3 the energy

7 year lamp life versus 7 months for the incandescent

Less than 1/3 the heat output, which in a showroom of lights lowers the temperature and saves HVAC costs.

I want you to stop thinking about types of light in terms of light quality. Buy a bulb based on the Kelvin scale. Clean, white light is at 2500-3000 degress Kelvin, and poor lighting is 3500-5000 degrees.

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