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Friday, February 20, 2009

LED Pendants

Lets look at pendants...As I have mentioned before with the merging of living space and dining room, pendants (fancy word for smaller lights) have become more popular.

Lets look at more pendants.

Lets look at Daren "Leadfoot" Lechner hang even more pendants (and why 150 is not enough)

Now lets focus on these two: These are LED pendants and use a fraction of the light of the others. In the past, a low output LED was just that...low output. LED pendant 2.0 has the output and color renderings of a regular light, just without the electrical consumption


  1. Are you able to just hook an LED pendant up in the place where a regular pendant light hung? Does LED require low voltage wiring? Also, what is the average price of an LED pendant compared to a regular non-LED pendant?

  2. The LED pendants are very similar in installation to low voltage. The actual hardware for the conversion is in the canopy

    Price for LED pendant and canopy is $350 or $100-200 more than low voltage