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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Your Choice...Seriously

I will occasionally work on the sales floor to sharpen my dwindling skills. What I would buy seems to be the question Du jour. So lets look at this GE Advantium as a case in point.

The GE Advantium will cook 4 times faster than a regular oven. It has simple preset cooking programs, so it is easy to operate....My question to you (and you to yourself)

Would you use it? (assuming it fits)

If the answer is no, then spend $300 less for a simple microwave.

If yes, does it fall within you budget...If not, look above.

If yes, certainly consider it. (don't worry, we will show you how to use it)


  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Steve, I actually just bought a new condo with the GE Advantium. What is the great advantage of this microwave? So far I've only used the microwave side but the other night I did try the reheat function which made the machine glow with light. I'm guessing its a turbocharged microwave when using reheat instead of the regular timed microwave.

  2. The Advantium cooks like an oven, but only 4 times faster using 220 volt halogen bulbs...hence the glow

    If you are in the area, stop in and we will walk you through the functions...

  3. We purchased this oven from you guys for our kitchen remodel last spring. LOVE IT. It does microwave, just like a regular microwave. We use the speedcook function(the oven) ALL the time. It is pretty intuitive, just choose speedcook and then the menus help you choose the settings. We use it for crescent rolls, any and all pillsbury treats, all the things we used to use our toaster oven for, hot sandwiches and as an extra oven when we are cooking something else in our regular oven. Whenever we are making something in a casserole sized dish, it cooks faster and easier. Fish= cooks fast for our family of five, nicely crisped on top. We chose this oven instead of having a second full size oven, and it has been great. Keep warm and reheat features work great, too. One note: we have the Avantium 120, which has the over the range venting option, because of the setup of our kitchen. It is not quite as powerful as the 240, but we still love it.