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Friday, January 09, 2009

Small Spaces Part 2

How does a guy have 10 tacos, 3 rum drinks, an enchilada, pork dumplings, chips and salsa, part of 2 desserts and then call me wondering if the restaurant may have served tainted food?

What Dave lacks in culinary restraint is compensated by his ability to maximize a small space. Lets look at an upscale application to solving the space issue.

The key to maximizing space is the island. He places his bar refrigerator and compactor in the island. I also like this kitchen for its eclectic style. On one hand, you have contemporary stainless steel pro appliances blended nicely with traditional glass jar pendants.

Want more?

Living room...Once again, a nice blend of style, crystal fixtures and sconces in a contemporary setting. Dave is Proforma construction (phone 289-9100)..Just don't join him for $2 taco night at Tremont 647.

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