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Monday, January 12, 2009

Draw it

There seems to be tons of appliance related drawers in the market these days. This seems to be novelty worth a post.

Have a look:

Refrigerator (as well as freezer and in some cases wine) drawers are currently manufacturered by SubZero, Electrolux, Marvel and Uline. I actually see the value in an island especially for children. The prices are $1500-3400, so you will be paying more.

Dishwasher drawers are produced by Fisher-Paykel, who in turn manufacturers the product for KitchenAid. The product is worthwhile ergometrically. You do not have to bend for smaller loads, but at $1400, Miele and Bosch are better products.


  1. Can anyone tell me the difference between the Fisher Paykel dish drawer and the kitchen aid on the Inside? I heard that Fisher Paykel is no longer manufacturing the KitchenAid.

  2. Fisher-Paykel was manufacturing the piece. Whirlpool would probably not open a factory for dishwasher drawers

    With that being said, the KitchenAid has the steel washer arms and better baskets than the F&P

  3. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Whirlpool is now manufacturing their dish drawers in house at their Findlay, Ohio factory. However, they still source the tiny little motors from Fisher-Paykel.

  4. Interesting...I stand corrected. I wouldn't think Whirlpool would build to such a narrow market....Kind of explains the price drop on F&P