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Monday, December 15, 2008

A Light is not Always Right

As we blog away about appliances, there is a fundamental understanding that appliances typically work (with some exceptions). There seems to be a uniformity of manufacturing. Factories churn out washers, dryers, etc in a logical progression.

This is not true in lighting. There seems to be very good and at the same time very bad identical looking products available. Once a light malfunctions, it costs $150 to have an electrician re-install it.

Avoid when shopping for a new light:

1. Lights that blink or flicker....Typically it is a cheap transformer.
2. Lights that do not hang straight or wobble.
3. Cheaper, painted canopies...on low voltage lights, paint will flicker.

Truth is...very good lighting does not cost much more. Have a look at lights that cost less than $150.

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