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Monday, November 10, 2008

Meet Ed

Ed is a customer who finally decided to replace his 50 year old Frigidaire drop in range. A drop in range is a product which is supported (dropped in) on a base cabinet. There are still tons of these stoves around the area especially from the 1950s and 60s.


How do you replace a 50 year old stove without spending a fortune on renovation?

Try this:

Slide in...To switch, the electrical must be converted and the base cabinet eliminated.

Wall oven/cooktop: Decent option, but the countertop needs to be reworked.


GE: GE still manufactures the style. Easier option since the cabinet just needs some modification, but the product is not as compelling as the others.



  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Steve, I have a question about the smooth top glass electric ranges that you have pictured above. Right now I have a GE smooth top stove and every time I cook the glass gets residue that has to be scraped off using a special cleaner and non-abrasive pad. The range is only three years old. Do the new ranges still have this issue? Is there anything I can treat the glass with to make it easier to clean? Do the induction stoves have this issue too? Thanks.

  2. Two issues come in to play when using glass cook tops.
    1) The pans that are used for cooking
    2) The cleaning solutions used on the top.

    Many manufacturers suggest cooking with flat bottomed, stainless steel cookware. Many people cook with aluminum cookware that tends to warp from the high heat. This warping causes pans to rock or slide that ends up scratching the glass surface.
    The cleaning solutions should be a cook top cleaner such as Sidol or Wieman's cook top cleaner. This works best with the glass surface.
    Glass cleaners stay on the glass surface and and may leave marks when the elements heat the glass.
    The best way to avoid excessive splatter is to use a splatter screen on top of your pan when cooking.

    Kurt von Kahle

    Induction has the same glass as the regular ceran


  3. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Is there such a thing as a professional electric range?

  4. Yes...Need an idea for a post today

  5. And this is a good one