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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How To Buy...Recessed Lighting Part Three

I have actually broached the topic in previous posts. The new method is to briefly explain the basics and answer questions on or off line. (I read this in a blog mag)

Recessed lighting is actually 2 parts. The can is the electrical part and fits within a ceiling. The trim is the decorative piece.

To buy recessed, follow this sequence:

1. Is the ceiling insulated or uninsulated..determines the style of the can
2. How tall are the ceilings...determines size of the can...For low to medium heights...choose a 4 or 5 inch can...taller ceilings 6 inch or greater
3. What room are we lighting...Kitchen and baths need more light. Rough measurement for kitchen...12-24 inches off cabinet and 3-4 four feet apart
4. Is this task or accent lighting...Task requires an open or baffle type trim. Accent requires a more specialized trim like an eyeball, pinhole or regressed trim.

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