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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

How To buy....A Front Load washer...Part 2

This is a sequal to an earlier post. There have been many changes in this category, so its worth a revisit.

Have a Peek:

Size: The average size is now 4.0 cubic foot with Electrolux being the largest at 4.7, or double a top loading unit. I still think the Frigidair Affinity at 3.5 cubic foot should be large enough.

RPM: The better units have average RPMs or spin speed at 800-1200. This is a decent feature as the clothes will be drier with a greater spin, which saves electricity, money and is better for your clothes.

Heat: Like the spin, the booster option heats the water typically another 20 degrees for whites.

Steam: Steam is employed 2 ways. Clothes can be refreshed without ironing or can be used to blast/pretreat tough stains.

Controls: Wave touch, IQ touch, Master Chef, Novatronic....The better washers allow customization down to the fabric.

My Favs:

Frigidaire Affinity: Inexpensive, fully featured.

Whirlpool/Maytag: Same machine...Good size.

Bosch: The most Eco friendly.

Miele: Best repair record.


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