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Thursday, November 06, 2008

How To Buy...A Dishwasher

The dreaded How To series continues....How do people actually buy a dishwasher?

After all, we display 45 or so models.

Have a look at a few:

European Vs American: Europeans have a filter. Americans have an eviscerater, which shreds the leftover food.

Integrated: Controls on the top. Cooler look, but it will cost you.

Quiet: Strange fact; brands cannot claim the quietest product. The difference between manufacturers is not detectable by the human ear.

Cycles: The amount of wash, rinse and dry time. A pots and pans cycle, for example, is the longest cycle at 99 minutes.

Racks: In some brands, the top rack can adjust 16 positions.

My favs...

Frigidaire: Great low cost supplier.

Bosch: Reasonable, quiet and efficient.

KitchenAid: My Mom had one.

Miele: Great repair record.

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