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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Demise of Some Interesting Things

I find myself hanging out with Dave Kiley, second generation contractor and aficionado of all things appliances and especially lighting. He was talking about the sudden disappearance of some interesting products. Is it him, he asked?

No, Dave, as the economy constricts, companies discontinue certain parts of their portfolio and keep just A or popular items to cut costs. Unfortunately, in most cases the most interesting items are not their best sellers.

Have a look:


As an example, the Broan 1050 compactor is the most powerful in the industry and is the only 12 inch compactor in the market. (They produce the GE piece). Its less costly than a cabinet at around $400. The Broan will be a memory at the end of the year.

Small tip: For the forseeable future, you may want to recheck your orders, especially on proprietary products with no substitutes. Manufacturers will continue to shed SKUs during recessionary times.

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