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Thursday, April 10, 2008

What You are Buying Now

We have always fought internally about our brand and its positioning in the marketplace. Are we an upscale store or more of a mid to upper generalist? Most family businesses run into this issue with the advent of very strong competition.

Personally, I have always thought any well run business can compete with any, chain any day. Our communication, supply lines and logistics are so much more compact and therefore more efficient. I know all 135 people in this company, hiring 135 is a hard enough chore without the need of hiring 135,000.

This blog, however, has never been about buying at Yale or local stores. You will decide that. We are more of a generalist, which serves us much better in a tough economy...Here is why:

Look at what you have buying:

Viking products...Super premium lines have been hit by 30-50%. Viking has improved by not increasing prices and downscaling some of the line. All of a sudden this line is strangely affordable


Laundry: Its a necessity. Recession or not. At $699 for a front load washer and dryer, the pricing with rebates has become increasingly attractive. New machines will save thousands of dollars simply by being much, more efficient

Green Laundry

Frigidaire: Two words, affordable steel

Affordable Steel

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