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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rebates Versus Sales

I will not run a sale in this store to acquire a new customer at the expense of an old one. Won't happen. We look at cell phone companies and other deal of the month offers, and they alienate their core customers. Then they complain about loyalty.

We have always invited our older customers to sales events before announcing to the general public. Our best events are private invitation only and are never advertised.

Rebates, however, are another topic. April should be called "massive rebate month" as manufacturer and buying group rebates seem to collide now....In May, most of these offers expire. Following are the most heavily incentivized products in laundry.....

Basic Frigidaire Front loader: Ftf530/Feq332 $699 after an instant $250 April rebate.

Frigidaire Laundry

Maytag Epic Mfw9700/Med9700: $1349 after $300 rebates, $250 is instant April rebates.

Maytag Laundry

Bosch Wfmc8400/Wtmc8320: $1599 after $450 in rebates, $250 is instant April rebates.

Bosch Laundry


  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Hi, I have a question about venting a dryer. Right now I have one of the combo all in one units and the wrinkling is horrible (even with tons of fabric softener). The reason I bought the combo was because I thought it would be a pain to vent the unit. I live in the top floor of a building and I think I have two venting options. First option would be to vent straight out the roof. The second option would be to run a vent through the ceiling and then cut a hole in the exterior of the building. Distance is about 10 feet. What do you think of these options? Thanks.

  2. First, wrinkling happens due to the high spin speed. Combos need a high spin for water extraction. We sell a concentrated fabric softener called Vernal, which should help(send me an email, I will ship you a sample.

    Regarding venting: 10 feet should not be a problem, but use rigid duct as opposed to flex. It is also crucial to install venting without bending or turning the duct

    Hope this helps