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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our First Green Kitchen

About 1 year ago, we installed the first all glass kitchen in the country. Our idea was to show the latest and greatest products. We also wanted consumers to understand the installation behind a wall oven or an undermount sink while they were comparing products...

Glass Kitchen

Now we are on to greener pastures...literally, with the first totally green kitchen

Green Kitchen Plans

Green Kitchen Floor

Its a little unfinished, as we just layed the flooring. A totally Green kitchen is not that difficult.

First, for flooring try bamboo. Bamboo actually grows 3 inches per month and replaces itself in one year

Second, cabinets and counters can be replaced with reclaimed materials used previously. Don't think junk...think antique.

For lighting use LED or fluorescent (as I have blogged continuously), because they use up to 80% less energy than incandescent

Lastly and most easily, EnergyStar appliances will save a ton of energy. We will be using Bosch for this display, but there are many other brands

I will post the completion in May

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  1. Leigh Lawson10:50 AM

    Thanks for the tip on energystar appliances - can you buy them in the UK? I'd like to add that although Bamboo does grow quickly it is far, far greener (and usually cheaper)to re-use! I've just bought reclaimed school laboratory worktops and flooring for my new kitchen - instant character at a fraction of the price i was quoted for new materials of a similar quality. Check out www.trainspotters for other reclamation ideas for your kitchens!