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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Innovation 2008 May 17-18

Our GE representative, Ron Vecchia, said to me a couple of months ago..."You know Steve, with so many new products, you should have an event. Call it like Innovation 08 or something catchy like that"...and so we shall May 17 and 18. We will have a weekend showcasing new products

There is a tremendous amount of new products becoming available in this industry now. It was not always this way. Like the car industry, the major players and products were unchanged for probably 50 years.

Then, a few new trends just started seemingly out of nowhere. A few KitchenAid executives believed that people wanted to cook as professionals and started a company now known as Viking. The European companies imported much quieter and efficient water products. Unlike the car companies, the domestic manufacturers actually started producing better and more competitive products.

Now more companies are designing better appliances. Pictured are brand new products(on display for less than 2 months)

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