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Monday, April 14, 2008

Induction Again

I actually wanted to post about the Kitchen and Bath Show, but forgot to bring in my camera.

So lets revisit induction. This technology is far better than gas or electric.

Benefits include:

90% efficiency so there is less residual heat and less need for venting
Fastest to the boil and simmer
Child safe(although there is some residual heat left by the pan)

When I started blogging about induction, there was one unit available at $3599, now they start at $1379 and look at the selection



  1. Steve,

    After reading your blog and researching kitchen appliances for MONTHS, we purchased all the appliances for our new kitchen from Yale. I want to share with you how much I LOVE my 30" GE Profile induction cooktop. I had cooked on traditional glass top electric and traditional gas ranges in the past. The induction top is PHENOMENAL. The Kelly Ripa adds don't even do it justice. OK, so it is closer to 2 minutes to boil a pot of water, but it is FAST, and responsive. I love the arrangement of burners on the 30", it is very useful when cooking a few items at once. The only "downside" was buying new, magnetic bottom pans. To that end, I kept a little kitchen magnet in my purse and checked the pots I liked on my trips to Marshalls, HomeGoods, etc. I was able to get some absolutely beautiful pots that work fine, even some TFal nonstick frying pans! Now, many pots are coming with an "induction capable" symbol on the label as well. After 15 years of marriage, I was glad to be rid of my old set of Farberware! Thank you for your enthusiasm over induction, I am just thrilled with everything about our new kitchen!

  2. Hey thanks Margaret...