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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Three Kitchens

A quick question...What is the most expensive kitchen of the three?

This Wolf/Subzero kitchen with custom Tech lighting?

Wolf/Sub-Zero Kitchen

How about our blue Viking kitchen?

Viking Kitchen

This is our new display from Electrolux..With speed oven, pro range, downdraft and an AGA stove on the other side

Electrolux Icon Kitchen

Now which cabinets are the most expensive?

There is a point to this post....Back in the 80's, buying a kitchen was about great, yet expensive cabinets. Appliances were an afterthought. Flash forward 20 years and the cabinets have become the commodity whereas the appliances have the name recognition.

If you are planning a new kitchen, pay for great design (and designers) and budget for cabinets accordingly. Check different stores as you may find similar cabinets for less money (a lot less).

Still guessing?

For people planning new kitchens, we have a new guide to help you in your quest for a great kitchen at an affordable price

Considering a new project? Take a look at our Appliance Buyers Guide.


  1. i'm gonna guess the Viking - 2 reasons - the blue and the size of the range.
    however, i like sub zero and wolf appliances better than viking.
    cabinets - gonna guess the cabinets in the Electrolux kitchen are the most expensive.
    I'd like to know more about Electrolux... (another blog topic?) and I'm also curious about all the http://www.traulsen.com/default.aspx I've been seeing lately! gearing up for an appliance post...? I'm almost ready for you to guest blog.
    Don't leave me in suspense for too long....

  2. Guess again....

    BTW, we have blogged about Electrolux induction, but the line is relaunching massively in March....Traulson? We carried that years ago. At that time, it failed to meet residential energy requirements.

    So we are guest blogging? Can you afford us? Don't worry, we work for almost nothing