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Friday, January 11, 2008

Small Kitchen Appliance Ideas

Unquestionably, our earlier small appliance posts garnered the most feedback. I have been thinking long and hard about this post. It seems like a predicament, because small appliance are built like...crap. Avanti is OK, but most people want self cleaning on a range and a decent refrigerator.

Keeping the refrigerator and stove at 30 inches is important....So lets look at decreasing the size of the dishwasher and still have a marketable kitchen

How about this:

A plug in countertop dishwasher...True it uses counters, but not cabinet space

Countertop Dishwasher

How about a in the sink dishwasher? A tad pricey and rather large at 36 and 42 inch widths., but an interesting idea

Sink Dishwasher

Would an 18 inch dishwasher help? Try a GE Monogram or Miele for a decent product.

18 inch Dishwasher


  1. In the sink dishwashers were the most common until the late 1940s. I believe it was a late 40s GE in-sink dishwasher that could go from dirty to clean in 12 minutes, and the dishes would flash dry when the lid popped open at the end of the cycle. Then you use no electricity for drying! Pair that with an old instant hot water heater at 150 degrees, and you don't even need heating elements in your appliances. A 50's Kitchen Aid dishwasher can complete a was cycle in 43 minutes. Why is it none of the modern machines can even come close to the speed of old appliances, and in many cases, underperform? I don't know anyone who likes their Bosch dishwasher. They leave things wet.

  2. W: They used energy consuming electric coils for drying. Bosch uses steam and rinse aid....Difference between a heated and unheated drying is 1.4% according to KitcheAid