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Saturday, January 26, 2008

How to Buy Lighting(Again)

Last week, I ended up helping a customer with a chandelier/pendant. There seems to be incredible pain in this decision. Is it the right style? Is it big enough, etc,

I am trained by the ALA(American Lighting Association) to tell you this:

A chandelier should hang 24 inches from the table and should be 12 inches less in diameter. This is the equation.

Now I want you to forget it.

Decorative lighting is not task lighting. You can really be as unconventional as you wish...Let me show you.


Traditional wooden table...You should have traditional chairs and lighting, right?

Red Chairs

Red chairs? Still it is kind of interesting....Maybe we will tie it in with a beautiful traditional light


Then again maybe we won't...Wrong style, too high, etc...Who is this bizarro?
Well, welcome to my living room. Style is eclectic(you don't have to like mine)

Now buy whatever you really want


  1. Great post, Steve. The light above the table in my kitchen is about 24" from the table, which is "right", but it throws so little light that I want to go out and replace it. Alas, I rent, and such expenses are not always looked upon kindly.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you both...Appreciate the kind words