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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Energy Tip of The Day

It was actually 70 degrees in Boston yesterday. Perhaps it is a freak temperature like the heat wave in Central Europe(110 in Budapest when I visited) or the consecutive hundred degree days in the SouthEastern US this summer.

I have strayed off the energy tip of the day as many have commented. There is only a few different ways to say buy compact fluorescents or Energystar appliances. The salient truth to any energy saving appliance is money savings, lots of it, as well as better performance.

People will always say "they dont make them like they use to". They make it better, much better. That Maytag washer from 1960 may still work, but it costs about triple to operate than the newer pieces.

The return of ETOP will be next week

Don't wince....It will be good for you(like cough suppressant or an allergy shot)


  1. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Hi Steve,

    I get so much great information from you and appreciate your insights, especially as they take into consideration the environment, a big concern of mine. Plus, from the pictures you've posted, you're pretty cute too :) Are you married?

  2. Ah, the anonymity of the web....