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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Choose This Or That...Refrigerators

For review, we are planning a renovation and are looking for less expensive, but viable options...So lets look at a few refrigerators

SubZero 650

The SubZero 650 refrigerator. As of 2006, it was the number 7 selling refrigerator in the United States(of America)..And why not? The SubZero has 2 compressors for evenness of temperature, a vacuum seal and magnetized crispers to block air from entering the refrigerator... It is the best refrigerator of its type, but not everyone can afford 7,000. SubZero originally became popular with designers by being shallow depth(not protruding from the cabinet). Now, there are alternatives with a similar shallow depth profile, so how about a...


JennAir french door refrigerator....The most popular style also features an internal water dispenser and a similar profile to a SubZ, and at $2400, it is much less expensive...but $2400 can still be pricey...so consider a


Frigidaire Professional...For 2 reasons, really. First, it is less expensive at $1800, and also Frigidaire will package this with other appliances. Their rebate program will subtract another $500 from the total package.


  1. i'll take the SubZ. i'm still waiting on the "most expensive kitchen" reveal.
    guest blog- TOMORROW. will email you details.

  2. It was a trick question actually....If you do not know, Erika, then guess what....You can save a bunch of dough by buying quality cabinets without the name...

    But the Wolf cabinets are the most expensive in the store. They were totally custome, whereas the Electrolux was not

    But you would never know

  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Steve, it looks like there is a five piece package pictured on the frigidaire fridge. Can you list the details? I didnt see a complete package under your kitchen specials.

  4. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Nevermind, I just saw that it was two stoves in the picture. I foudn the package on your website. I'll pay attention next time!

  5. A FYI on packages:

    At any point in time, there could be as much as 3 rebates on a particular item plus a store special.

    So at the end of every month, Shawn and I along with the guys from the Rand Corporation place complimentary items in a poackage to maximize the benefit to our clients

  6. Danielle10:07 AM

    I am wondering why the Fisher & Paykel E522B fridge isn't listed as energy efficient--I thought that their whole "Active Smart" system - and the tight seal on the doors, etc allows the fridge to use less energy? I think these are really nice looking refrigerators & great for smaller kitchens...

  7. At $42 per year for operating costs, the Fisher Paykel is the most efficient refrigerator in its class

  8. Thanks Steve. So now I have to admit I don't know what "in its class" means - does that mean smaller, bottom freezer refrigerators?

  9. Good question to my dumb answer...If you look at the energy tag inside the refrigerator, it is the least expensive 17.3 cubic foot on the market.

    At $42, it has to be one of the cheapest to operate in any size product or configuration

  10. Thanks Steve! This has been very helpful.