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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Choose This or That..Pro Ranges

Back by popular analytics demand, The "Choose this" column effectively details different choices and prices within the same category. In earlier posts, we reviewed refrigerators, gas stoves, electric stoves and dishwashers

Now its time for the professional range..Strangely, this category did not exist until 1991...Professional ranges are similar to commercial ranges, but are insulated for zero clearance to cabinets. Pro range also do not need sprinkler systems and are warm, not hot to the touch unlike commercial products. In the last few years, self cleaning, dual fuel and sealed burners have been added, but style has always sold these product...

Lets look at 30 inch pro ranges:

Dacor is actually the most expensive 30 inch range. Very decent features with a 18,000 BTU burner, 2 16,000 BTU burners and a simmer burner as well. It is also dual fuel with an excellent broiler, but at about $6,000, there are other choices like....

Dacor Pro

The Viking...Its hard to believe, but Viking is actually inexpensive at just over $4,000 for the base unit. Although the range is basic with 15,000 BTU burners, Viking still sells more pro ranges than anyone...But $4,000 may be out of the budget,
so how about a

Viking Pro

Bertazzoni: As I have stated in lighting posts, most style and fashion emanates from Italy. This range is no exception. At just over $2300, Bertazzoni is a good alternative in this niche

Bertazzoni Pro

Ciao!(couldn't resist)

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