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Friday, January 25, 2008

Buy This or That...Electric Stoves

The readership of the Yale Blog is not a vocal bunch. From the analytics of this weeks "renovate for less" columns, the topic seems to be popular (until I hear otherwise)...

So let us continue

GE Range

You are looking at a GE Profile range, and yes this is a good product. Aesthetically pleasing with two ovens, convection, 4 large burners and another warming burner, this range is well featured. Then again, at $1749, it should be...so why not try a....

Frigidaire Range

A Frigidaire Gallery Professional range PLEFMZ99: Its the same 2 ovens(just reversed), convection and similar burner configuration. This range actually has the best simmer control of any cooking product except for induction. It can actually lower the burner by 3.5% per turn, not just high, medium and low. It is a great price at just over $1200, but $1200 is still almost double the average of a range purchase in the US...So how about a.....

Amana Range

Amana...Stainless steel, good burners, big oven...Forget the bun just give me the burger. No buns at just over $650, but a good price.

For more info about electric cooking take a look at our Electric Cooking Buyers Guide, packed with info on features, brands and trends.


  1. Steve,
    I don't know if you can tell how many people check the blog, but I can tell you that you have already earned a loyal customer and I haven't even bought anything yet. I have made the rounds to big box and local appliance stores. I whole heartedly agree with your earlier posts to beware of stores that don't do the actual service, and have always used local shops for our appliances. As we are planning a move and kitchen renovation, I started looking around for good local appliance stores near our new house. You guys stand out above the rest not only for your selection and service but for the "straight talk" I've been able to read on the blog. Thank you so much, I look forward to your posts about lighting! -- Maggie

  2. Hey thanks...We have consciously not tried to sell Yale or anything else on this blog. People are subjected to thousands of commercials/infomercials daily already...

    Renovating a home should really be fulfilling yet more often than not, it becomes a disaster.

    The goal of the blog is to honestly inform people of buying appliances, lighting and building in general before the problems occur.

    Thank you Maggie for your comments as they are much appreciated

  3. Rochelle7:29 AM

    I recently bought the Miele G2670
    and the Miele Steamer (along with all new appliances) for a total house renovation. We are just back in the house and I have been using my new kitchen since August. A 2 weeks ago all of a sudden my dishwater started having a default message stating "water inlet fault f14" and will just beep. Then a few days later to my horror I went to use my steamer and the container that you put the water in will not come out and when I called Miele they had no idea how to get it out. It took me 5 days of constently calling Miele to finally get someone on the phone only for them to tell me that they could not get anyone out to Marblehead for 3 weeks!!! When I call Yale they gave me 2 weeks and I was put on a cancelation list-- also telling me that you do not have alot up in my area. My plumber has already been here 3 times and has come to the conclusion that it is definately the machine itself. I can not believe that I am in a supposed state of the art kitchen using paper plates! Has anyone else ever had any of these problems before???

  4. First I apologize for the problems

    F14 is typically an install code...Typically, I would never condemn the work of others. We will fix it whether it was installed wrong or not.

    The stuck water container is an anathema to me as it just slides out

    Send me an email at steve.sheinkopf@yaleappliance.com and I will certainly help you

  5. Anonymous1:02 AM

    9nner size?
    try size?

  6. Which model
    50 amp
    30 inch
    standard 30 inch size and dimensions
    What is 9nner size?

  7. Anonymous6:41 PM

    I have an Amana stove i need to know the cleaning instructions i never got it

  8. Sorry, I missed this...what Amana stove?

  9. I bought a GE (model JB968) and within a year the large 3 ring burner went out. GE sent me another burner but say a GE tech must install it.
    That would be expensive. And I thinK I'm skill enough (engineer) to do it myself--with a little guidance---like how to proceed in getting the top
    off. Can you help?
    clark meyer at clark.meyer@comcast.net