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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Free Machine?

I want to sell you a machine for nothing...Free( new mantra: volume not profit)
Further, according to the government you will use this machine 8 times a week every week all year...Before you sign, there is a door number 2

Behind door number 2 is the $700 machine. Hold on for a moment. This machine will save $200-300 annually(average life 15 years). It will use less cleaning agents and will have 40-70% more capacity than our free model. This machine is gentler in its operation with less wear and tear on the material placed inside...

What do you think of the free machine now? Well congratulations you just opted for:

Whirlpool Washer

A front load washing machine(versus a top load).

The features listed are all factual. As I walk through stores and read industry reports, 60-70% of all washers sold are still inefficient top load machines including some very expensive pieces.

As front loaders become more popular, their average price is dropping(and increasing with more features like steam, etc). The breakeven after considering operating costs can be less than a year, so be careful when a complete stranger offers you something for nothing.

But, seriously, if you are considering a washer or even a dryer, be informed on operating costs as well as initial price

Lighting Warranty

You know the warranty on your car and appliances...I have to ask this one intrigueing question: What do you think the warranty on a light actually is?

I have already posted today....I can ask a question or three.

Choose This or That..Pro Ranges

Back by popular analytics demand, The "Choose this" column effectively details different choices and prices within the same category. In earlier posts, we reviewed refrigerators, gas stoves, electric stoves and dishwashers

Now its time for the professional range..Strangely, this category did not exist until 1991...Professional ranges are similar to commercial ranges, but are insulated for zero clearance to cabinets. Pro range also do not need sprinkler systems and are warm, not hot to the touch unlike commercial products. In the last few years, self cleaning, dual fuel and sealed burners have been added, but style has always sold these product...

Lets look at 30 inch pro ranges:

Dacor is actually the most expensive 30 inch range. Very decent features with a 18,000 BTU burner, 2 16,000 BTU burners and a simmer burner as well. It is also dual fuel with an excellent broiler, but at about $6,000, there are other choices like....

Dacor Pro

The Viking...Its hard to believe, but Viking is actually inexpensive at just over $4,000 for the base unit. Although the range is basic with 15,000 BTU burners, Viking still sells more pro ranges than anyone...But $4,000 may be out of the budget,
so how about a

Viking Pro

Bertazzoni: As I have stated in lighting posts, most style and fashion emanates from Italy. This range is no exception. At just over $2300, Bertazzoni is a good alternative in this niche

Bertazzoni Pro

Ciao!(couldn't resist)

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Dangers of CFLs?

By now, most regular readers understand I am concerned with the environment. As such, I am a zealous advocate of compact fluorescents(CFLS), which are way more efficient than regular incandescent bulbs.

In fact, if everyone purchased one CFL, it would have the same environmental effect as eliminating 800,000 cars from the road. In last weeks Wall Street Journal, there is an article about the dark side of green bulbs. CFLS do contain a trace level of Mercury, about the same amount as the tip of a ballpoint pen.

I would say that you obviously would not want to place a CFL in your mouth...But you already have. Older thermometers contain 10 times the mercury of a CFL....

With a lamp life of 7 years with 4 times the efficiency of an incandescent, CFLs will certainly save money, energy and the environment..Look at the video for a practical demonstration of the difference in energy consumption.

If a bulb breaks, you do not have to call the HAZMAT squad, here is the skinny:

To recycle a CFL...Go to lamprecycling.com(we will start as recycling center in March)

According to the EPA, if a bulb breaks(I will paraphrase):

1. open a window and leave the room for 15 minutes

2. Carefully scoop up the fragments with a stiff paper or cardboard(use rubber gloves and wipe clean with a a damp paper towel) Do not use a vacuum or a broom to clean up the broken bulb on hard surfaces

3. Place all cleanup materials in 2 sealed bags

4 If fluorescent bulb breaks on a rug or carpet then:

5. First remove all materials you can without using a vacuum. Sticky tape can be used to pick up small pieces and powder.

6. If vacuuming is still needed after all visible materials are broken. Remove the vacuum bag and place in 2 sealed bags

Again, I am somewhat paraphrasing, so consult the WWW.EPA.GOV and your local state
for more detailed guidelines for disposal...I do not want to completely minimize the risks, but the potential savings in energy is, in my opinion, too great to ignore.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Best and Worst(Repair)

No pictures today(I have an arsenal for the remainder of the week), but a pretty valuable post for appliance shoppers. In 2006, Yale completed 15,000 service calls under warranty.

As I have posted previously, there are also very similar products available. Thus, service records can be similar as controls are outsourced, and the same products can be packaged with multiple labels. Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag and Amana have an identical refrigerator with...an identical service record.

However, with such a large database, you can also see deviation between good and ..not so good. We will look at both.

The Best: Miele

Not surprising at all. When you manufacture the product and outsource nothing you can expect quality(or somebody will be fired). This company is so fanatical that all customer complaints are logged in New Jersey. The problem is then traced by serial number to the factory, the line and the people responsible. Imagine that.
Of course, without cheaper outsourcing(and the strength of the Euro versus the dollar), Miele is also expensive.

Not So Good: LG

First, I like this company. LG has become a major force in the appliance industry almost overnight as a brand. The product is innovative and stylish, but this result is hardly surprising as well. If the goal is to sell as much as possible quickly, then invariably product quality and customer satisfaction will suffer. Typically fast growing companies will outstrip their support capabilities(like parts, customer service, technical support, warehousing and logistics), and this is the case. You should still consider LG as a brand, but just find out if there is a repair agent in your local area.

How to Buy Lighting(Again)

Last week, I ended up helping a customer with a chandelier/pendant. There seems to be incredible pain in this decision. Is it the right style? Is it big enough, etc,

I am trained by the ALA(American Lighting Association) to tell you this:

A chandelier should hang 24 inches from the table and should be 12 inches less in diameter. This is the equation.

Now I want you to forget it.

Decorative lighting is not task lighting. You can really be as unconventional as you wish...Let me show you.


Traditional wooden table...You should have traditional chairs and lighting, right?

Red Chairs

Red chairs? Still it is kind of interesting....Maybe we will tie it in with a beautiful traditional light


Then again maybe we won't...Wrong style, too high, etc...Who is this bizarro?
Well, welcome to my living room. Style is eclectic(you don't have to like mine)

Now buy whatever you really want

Friday, January 25, 2008

Buy This or That...Electric Stoves

The readership of the Yale Blog is not a vocal bunch. From the analytics of this weeks "renovate for less" columns, the topic seems to be popular (until I hear otherwise)...

So let us continue

GE Range

You are looking at a GE Profile range, and yes this is a good product. Aesthetically pleasing with two ovens, convection, 4 large burners and another warming burner, this range is well featured. Then again, at $1749, it should be...so why not try a....

Frigidaire Range

A Frigidaire Gallery Professional range PLEFMZ99: Its the same 2 ovens(just reversed), convection and similar burner configuration. This range actually has the best simmer control of any cooking product except for induction. It can actually lower the burner by 3.5% per turn, not just high, medium and low. It is a great price at just over $1200, but $1200 is still almost double the average of a range purchase in the US...So how about a.....

Amana Range

Amana...Stainless steel, good burners, big oven...Forget the bun just give me the burger. No buns at just over $650, but a good price.

For more info about electric cooking take a look at our Electric Cooking Buyers Guide, packed with info on features, brands and trends.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Choose This or That...Dishwashers

Rereview(not an actual word) we are covering renovation this week with the idea of spending less...Dishwashers pretty much operate the same. Cycle selection is about time and temperature. For example, a delicate cycle would not add any heat(temperature) and would be less time as to not damage delicate dishes...So if you are buying a dishwasher, buy the needed features

But lets complicate matters, lets look at integrated dishwashers, the fancy ones with the controls on the top.

Wolf/Sub-Zero Kitchen

The Miele G2670: This is the best dishwasher sold period. It is the only durable manufacturer still vertically integrated. They outsource almost nothing, and even produce their own controls. Thus, they have a very enviable repair record, along with a separate cutlery basket, a patented drying cycle, a plate guard system and of course unbelieveable controls...At $2100+, it should. Then again, not everyone want to pay that kind of money...so how about a

Wolf/Sub-Zero Kitchen

Bosch Shx36L..Its a basic three program dishwasher(if you want delicate, you can upgrade to a 4 series)...but a basic Bosch is still pretty darn good. Quietness and water efficiency are the hallmarks of this product, but at nearly $900, it still pretty high...so how about a....

Wolf/Sub-Zero Kitchen

Frigidaire Pld4375...A word about Frigidaire. They are a great low cost manufacturer. Lean manufacturing and sales structure along with new factories allow this company to sell product for less. This dishwasher will feature every option except one. It has a plastic, not a stainless tub, but a great value starting at about $500

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I can Teach(?)

Every February, we have a Home Show in the store. Its about as fun as an appliance store can possibly be. We have some great chefs like Andy Husbands of Tremont647, Jay Murray of Grill23 and the Dean of Johnson and Wales, Steve Shipley demonstrating on different products.

Usually they roll me out of the back office to teach some unsuspecting homeowners. I am a little unsure of this years subject matter. In theory, I could simply click through the blog, but somehow people expect more from me

So three topics are germinating in my head: How to plan a kitchen renovation....Latest and Greatest(like LED and Turbochef)...Green Technologies

So let me know

Choose This Or That...Refrigerators

For review, we are planning a renovation and are looking for less expensive, but viable options...So lets look at a few refrigerators

SubZero 650

The SubZero 650 refrigerator. As of 2006, it was the number 7 selling refrigerator in the United States(of America)..And why not? The SubZero has 2 compressors for evenness of temperature, a vacuum seal and magnetized crispers to block air from entering the refrigerator... It is the best refrigerator of its type, but not everyone can afford 7,000. SubZero originally became popular with designers by being shallow depth(not protruding from the cabinet). Now, there are alternatives with a similar shallow depth profile, so how about a...


JennAir french door refrigerator....The most popular style also features an internal water dispenser and a similar profile to a SubZ, and at $2400, it is much less expensive...but $2400 can still be pricey...so consider a


Frigidaire Professional...For 2 reasons, really. First, it is less expensive at $1800, and also Frigidaire will package this with other appliances. Their rebate program will subtract another $500 from the total package.

Hit Buy

A break from the renovation posts for a few minutes: You are buying your appliances or any other non UPS products and you have the best deal. You have checked Bizrate, Yelp and Epinions for consumer reviews...And you are ready to hit the buy button...

But, be careful, delivery can be $110 to $250, removal is $15 extra to non existant and cords will be $25. All this is additional and not readily published until you have reached the shopping cart.

As a precautionary measure call the company as well to confirm. The internet is still in its infancy as a distribution model. Do not be a casualty.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Choose This or That

For new Yale bloggers, we are posting this week about renovating for less money...So lets start with dual fuel ranges....

The Wolf professional dual fuel...A beautiful range with 15,000 BTU burners, clock and timer, 500 BTU simmer and two convection fans for even cooking.

Feast your eyes:

Wolf 30 Pro Range

Unfortunately, the price is over $5200. For most people this may be a little extreme. so lets stay with this style of range and look at a

GE Cafe Slide-In

GE Cafe: This new range is very compelling at $2300. How compelling...One 17,000 BTU burner as well as a fifth element, a convection oven plus a second oven below(where the storage drawer was)...But $2300 can be pricey so how about....

Frigidaire Professional Slide-In

A Frigidaire Professional: I really like this range. For $1500, Frigidaire has a 16,000 BTU burner, convection and a second oven

Three very likeable products....

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Three Kitchens

A quick question...What is the most expensive kitchen of the three?

This Wolf/Subzero kitchen with custom Tech lighting?

Wolf/Sub-Zero Kitchen

How about our blue Viking kitchen?

Viking Kitchen

This is our new display from Electrolux..With speed oven, pro range, downdraft and an AGA stove on the other side

Electrolux Icon Kitchen

Now which cabinets are the most expensive?

There is a point to this post....Back in the 80's, buying a kitchen was about great, yet expensive cabinets. Appliances were an afterthought. Flash forward 20 years and the cabinets have become the commodity whereas the appliances have the name recognition.

If you are planning a new kitchen, pay for great design (and designers) and budget for cabinets accordingly. Check different stores as you may find similar cabinets for less money (a lot less).

Still guessing?

For people planning new kitchens, we have a new guide to help you in your quest for a great kitchen at an affordable price

Considering a new project? Take a look at our Appliance Buyers Guide.

A Jog on Oak Lawn

Every year I travel to Dallas for the residential lighting show to see the newest, latest and greatest. I will post pictures later in the week. Anyway, I jog from the Hilton Anatole to Oak Lawn street. I actually have run the same route through Dallas for the last 21 years. Its a great run through the heart of town.

We start and run past some designer showrooms. A few like Brown Jordan have shuttered since last year, and in the middle of the run there seems to be more empty storefronts. At the end of our run Oak Lawn becomes Armstrong. I love this street. Armstrong is an upscale suburb, but definitely not homogeneous. You can see Spanish Missionary, Ultra Modern and Colonial on the same block.

This year, you will also see for sale signs.

Judging from my 65 minute run, there seems to be hard times. It is still important to protect our largest asset whether we want to sell, flip or enjoy our home.

I will show you how to renovate for less and still have a beautiful kitchen


Friday, January 18, 2008

Why have just one?

I am titling posts the way Led Zepplin named their tunes....arbritrarily.

Lets look at the newest GE bottom mount. If one drawer was not good enough, how about two? Bending less is the rationale behind this new refrigerator, but it is definitely appealing to the early adopters....Why be like the neighbors?

But then again, stainless steel will account for 97% of the sales.

Two Drawer Freezer

Thursday, January 17, 2008


This is really a continuation of Tuesdays post. These are not actually just buttons, but air switches to turn on your disposer.

Let me retreat a little in order to explain....

Traditionally you place a switch on the wall or under the sink in order to activate the disposer. If you are planning an island or a long galley, there may not be room.

Thus, you install a switch on the counter with the electrical underneath. Look at Tuesdays post for a better idea of a practical application.

Button Switch

Button Switch 2

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Toughest Renovation Decision Part 2

This post is actually part of a series of posts starting last Monday. To paraphrase, the hardest decision for planning appliances in a kitchen is cooking.

We covered wall ovens under cooktops last week...Now lets look at them split, which has become very popular.

Cooktop next to Oven

The advantages are a profusion of brands offering every feature such as speed cook, steam, double convection and microwave. Cooktops have also become incredibly advanced with professional and induction becoming more popular. The key advantages are the ergo metrics, meaning no bending and the entertainment value. With today's kitchen islands and peninsulas, the user can face their guests.

The disadvantages are expense and space. The minimum space for a regular wall oven and cooktop is 60 inches. The pricing for even a single wall oven alone can be more than a regular free standing range

Buying On the Internet

Everyone has purchased products on the internet. It is easy. I buy frequently books on Amazon. I click order and it generates the request at Amazons' warehouse. The book is picked, packed and UPSd in a day or two.

What happens to appliances and lighting? Well, if it is small, the process is the same as outlined above.

If it is not...Be careful. The company will third party the freight to a low cost independent. It will be shipped to a couple warehouses then to the final shipper.
Unlike a simple book, the chances of damage to product and premises, miscommunication
and misunderstanding have increased greatly.

If you are considering buying any non UPSd product over the internet, protect yourself...

Here's how:

1. Check third party sites like epinions. Most of these companies advertise on the sites, but look at the reviews...

2. Check the local Better Business Bureau

3. Delivery is a major problem for any vendor, and it is deliberately ambiguous. Is it curbside or does the service include delivery of the product in home? Does it include installation? Are power cords provided? Is the old product removed? I am not cynical by nature, but this should be written on the invoice/sales contract

4. NEVER sign for anything without thoroughly checking the product. If it takes 3 hours, so be it. You lose your recourse with these companies with a signature

5. Never buy a extended service plan from any out of state provider. They have no way of fixing a problem out of warranty

Trust me, a little early protection will save aggravation later

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dream Kitchen

If you ever visualized a dream kitchen, this picture would probably be in your mind. This kitchen is the work of Erika Mcpherson Powell from Urban Grace Interiors of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Dream Kitchen

Dream Kitchen

This is a beautiful application of appliances,lighting and plumbing. You are looking at 2 SubZero 650 36 inch bottom freezers with glass fronts. We have a Wolf dual fuel range with professional hood. Look at the baffle filters in the hood. It allows smoke and grease to be vented faster than regular charcoal. The dishwasher is the integrated double drawer from Fisher-Paykel. You are looking right at the piece in the lower right hand side.

I really love the utilzation of plumbing in this kitchen. Erika places 2 farm sinks back to back from Shaw with matching Rohl faucets. I like this combination, because farm sinks are supposedly traditional yet they are remarkable in a modern kitchen. Look at the potfiller on the wall. When her client wants to fill a lobster pot or pasta bowl, the spigot is right at point of use.

Very nicely done, great utilzation of many design elements traditional, comtemporary, professional and integrated, Erika is at www.urbangrace.com

Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Day

We are off today due to inclement weather. Hard to believe since it was such a stellar weekend and last week the weather was 70 degrees. With Shawn absent, it seems like a good time for a little recalibration

For new people to the blog, this rather pallid post is a reminder of our mission to simplify a rather important purchase of appliances and lighting. We do respond to requests and will actually have an advice column on our web starting in February

Tomorrow, we will be posting and describing a state of the art kitchen, which will hopefully and most certianly offset this dismal offering

Friday, January 11, 2008

Small Kitchen Appliance Ideas

Unquestionably, our earlier small appliance posts garnered the most feedback. I have been thinking long and hard about this post. It seems like a predicament, because small appliance are built like...crap. Avanti is OK, but most people want self cleaning on a range and a decent refrigerator.

Keeping the refrigerator and stove at 30 inches is important....So lets look at decreasing the size of the dishwasher and still have a marketable kitchen

How about this:

A plug in countertop dishwasher...True it uses counters, but not cabinet space

Countertop Dishwasher

How about a in the sink dishwasher? A tad pricey and rather large at 36 and 42 inch widths., but an interesting idea

Sink Dishwasher

Would an 18 inch dishwasher help? Try a GE Monogram or Miele for a decent product.

18 inch Dishwasher

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Energy Tip of The Day

What the heck, lets start now:

Follow along this process: You press the button that says heat or warm, an element activates, signaling the furnace and eventually it signals more power from the local plant. The plant will use more coal, etc adding carbon dioxide to the environment and global warming to our world...Pretty soon, we will be summering in Quebec or Toronto with permenant tans

Simple solution: Don't hit the button. Most of the time it is not necessary. Case in point, the warm rinse on a washer...absolutely useless. Heated dry on a dishwasher almost as bad....The by product of the heated water is steam, when it is enclosed, the dishes will dry, just add some rinse aid like Jetdry.

Energy Tip of The Day

It was actually 70 degrees in Boston yesterday. Perhaps it is a freak temperature like the heat wave in Central Europe(110 in Budapest when I visited) or the consecutive hundred degree days in the SouthEastern US this summer.

I have strayed off the energy tip of the day as many have commented. There is only a few different ways to say buy compact fluorescents or Energystar appliances. The salient truth to any energy saving appliance is money savings, lots of it, as well as better performance.

People will always say "they dont make them like they use to". They make it better, much better. That Maytag washer from 1960 may still work, but it costs about triple to operate than the newer pieces.

The return of ETOP will be next week

Don't wince....It will be good for you(like cough suppressant or an allergy shot)

Toughest Renovation Decision Part 1

This is a continuation of Mondays post. Lets look at the cooktop over wall oven selection. Like any other decision, it has its upside and downside.

First, it looks better than a regular range. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder just not in this case. The reason? This type of cooking arrangement allows for the counter and toekick to remain intact unlike a range.

However, there are fewer options, sizes, and it is more expensive than a similarly featured slide in range....

Cooktop over Oven

The Answer

As Jo answered, the most popular size is 36 inches. At 42 inch that refrigerator can only appeal to maybe 4% of the market at best. An oversized freezer drawer is hard to open for many consumers.

Good idea, but with a little market research, they should have manufacturered the identical unit in 36 inch.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The 42 inch Failure

A Chinese philospher once said "Fight your battles where your enemy is not". He was talking about war not appliances(stay with me here). A similar thought must have entered the engineers at KitchenAid when they manufactured their professional 42 inch french door refrigerator

At first glance, this is a great piece. It is the most popular style in a size where SubZero is not exactly dominant.

KitchenAid 42 French

Yet it failed...Anyone want to hazard a guess as to why?

Answer tomorrow...(hint reread some earlier blog posts)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Name That Light

You know the brand of your car, your clothes, your favorite restaurant, your coffee and probably your appliances...Ok maybe your appliances

Now let me ask this question. What is the brand of your lights? There is an average of 40 in a typical home...Still guessing?

Well, its not that important per se. However, it is crucial to spot a decent light versus a less than desirable product. After all, it will cost a minimum of $200 for an electrician to fix or rehang a light

Look at the following before you buy:

1. Most pendants are low voltage and require a transformer. Transformers are robots that morph into cars(just making sure you are still reading. Seriously, a transformer converts the 120 household current into 12 volts for low voltage. There does not seem to be any uniform quality standards for these items. Be careful as it is hard to advise how to check for faulty piece until it happens. There are two decent quality lines to actually look for: Tech and Lightning Bug.

2. Fit and finish: If a lighting is hanging crooked on a store display, it will probably look the same in your house. Look at the cable and supports especially


A couple of arbritrary lights from Tech Lighting....Notice the finish and straight these pieces hang. Tech uses a superior piece of cable. I love the canopy. It is real metal not a painted finish that will fleck and peel when heated

Monday, January 07, 2008

The Toughest Renovation Decision

Its a bold title. Perhaps a bit unworthy, but when faced with a major renovation..ALWAYS start with cooking first. The reason is simple. Most appliances have the same specifications. Dishwashers are 24 inches, and refrigeration has three(almost) standard sizes.

Cooking, however, can change the whole configuration of a kitchen plan. Lets look at the three styles of cooking. We will cover each more in depth in future posts

Range: It is the most popular, and is available from 20 inches to 60

Bosch Range

Cooktop over wall oven: This style should be more popular. Unlike the range, the toekicks and counters remain to provide a more flush appearance

Bosch Range

Cooktop and separate wall oven: This option needs the most space, but you never have to bend among other benefits

Icon Kitchen

Friday, January 04, 2008

Cool Refrigerator

My last prewritten vacation post...Wonder if I had a good time...

Lets look at this refrigerator by Fisher Paykel. Other than an interesting handle, there is not much different...Or is there?

Cool Fridge

The Fisher Paykel is unique for 2 reasons...It is the only shallow depth refrigerator designed for a 33 inch cabinet, AND it is at least $400 cheaper than any other shallow depth unit

Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Many Whirlpool(and Maytag) Duets

In 1997, Maytag introduced the $999 Neptune washer, which revolutionized the appliance industry. The Neptune would also be Maytags undoing. The problems garnered such consumer angst that it culminated in a classaction lawsuit. Their symbol, the ol' Lonely Maytag Repairman(played by Gordon Jump of WKRP fame), was not so lonely after all. They were bought by Whirlpool in 2004.

Before Maytags' problems, Whirlpool was under tremendous pressure to develop a front load washer of their own. The companys' legacy is in laundry. The two founders of the company sold their first machines to Sears in 1925.

Fast forward 70 years and Whirlpool is now a global manufacturer, and a company with internal communications issues. They actually manufactured the Duet in Germany and exported the product to the US...Enough with ancient history...They have gaggles of them...which one is right for you.....

They have 2 platforms and 4 labels Whirlpool Duet, Duet Sport, Maytag Epic and Epic Z

The Duet Sport and Maytag Epic Z is their smaller platform at 3.5 cubic feet(exterior 36h*29.25D*27W). The only difference between these 2 labels and three machines is spin speed and temperature settings

Whirlpool Duet Sport

Maytag Epic Z

The Regular Whirlpool and Maytag Epic are the larger machines with a 4.0 cubic foot capacity(exterior 38*31.25D*27D). The top end machines offer steam in the washer and dryer, but after that the difference is simply tempertaure and spin speed.

Whirlpool Duet

Maytag Epic

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


About 1 month ago, we had a survey asking what was important to the consumer. 0% financing was the winner...As such, we will be running 0% financing for 1 year through January on purchases over $499.

Instead of spending the money in traditional advertising, we allocate a bigger part of our budget to financing and other sales promotion. Clients receive a better deal(that is if they hear about it)

Beside blogging is cheaper

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Beginning

Welcome to the New Year...As this is the beginning of the year, we will start at the beginning of your renovation...How do you decide what to buy? When I was selling, I was always asked my preferences. Unfortunately, it is your preferences that count, and we will assist yor decision making(you still decide) In the next few weeks, we will choose cooking, the right refrigerator and dishwasher.

Before we start, let me ask a few helpful yet probing questions. How much space do we have? Is the kitchen your dream, a quick fix or somewhere in between? Is there a particular product you value (stove, etc)? Are the ceilings new or existing? Are there any special considerations?

We start Tuesday January 8...