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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wind Chill And Paddle Fans

My first ever syndication or rehashing of an earlier post, but this is amusing given how freezing you probably were when you stepped outside this morning.

I live in The South End of Boston. Like most South Enders, my car is parked around the block. Thus, I really understand wind chill and cold weather more than garage folk.

Wind chill is basically wind pounding the warmth out of your body. Although the temperature may be 25 this morning, the effective or realized temperature is much colder.

Paddle fans work on the same principle. The wind created by the blades lowers the perceived temperature(air moving over your skin) without lowering the actual temperature allowing you to turn up the thermostat in the summer for the same net effect.

In the winter, if you reverse the fan, it will draw the warm air off the ceiling. Since warm air rises, the fan will create a more perceived warmth allowing you to turn down your thermostat in the winter for the same net effect.

Energy efficiency, as well as style, is a good reason to buy a fan, but turn it off when you are not in the room....

Some Visual Aids:

Showroom Fans

Showroom Fans

Showroom Fans

It is amazing how much different(and better) the store looks in two years


  1. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Steve, I have a question about ceiling fans and lighting in general. My ceilings are 7.5 feet high and I am currently in the process of removing my recessed lights. I am considering adding a ceiling fan but I fear the ceiling height is already so low that it would only make the room seem smaller. I am also considering some form of modern track lighting but am having a hard time deciding which style to go with. I have two walls that I want to light. One wall is about 14 feet and the other is about 6 feet. I checked out the Yale website and a few box stores and I dont see any type of track lighting that would either make an "L" shape or a product that can be used for 10 feet and also has a matching smaller track for the other wall. Any thoughts?

  2. Good questions:

    First, the only type of fan to consider is a ceiling hugger, which is roughly 12-14 inches, so your ceiling may be a tad short

    On the lights, you can either buy 2 pieces of track and join them with a 90 degree adapter or buy bendable track and customize it....You have plenty of options