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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Turbochef is back, and ready for sales to an adoring public. Why not? It cooks very fast without sacrificing food quality. Turbochef technology has been around commercially for years.

I actually bought the stock when Maytag announced that they will manufacturing ovens and licensing the technology. The Accellis, as Maytag dubbed it, failed miserably. Then again, so did pretty much everything Maytag built.

Turbochef could launch us into the Age of The Jetsons or Star Trek. Then again, it could keep our service department very busy. After 5 years or so, you would hope for success. We will have Kurt demo Turbochef shortly

Turbo Chef Orange Door


  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Don't buy Turbo Chef Commercial or residential you pay too much money for there product and there customer service should be called customer anguish they will not help in any way after the item is paid for

    By an X dealer of Turbo Chef

  2. Interesting comment, but they have not released their product residentally until now. We have our own service department and are not reliant on manufacturers to fix products in the field

  3. Idoknow10:04 PM

    In Nov. 2007 I bought Turbochef for $7300 and it ruined my Thanksgiving. It was a bummer - noisy, rattling thing that needed parts replacement and software update from first power on. Inside-metal shavings,paint chips & sharp edges. From first turn on it did not work right. It worked for less than an hours & it made a bang flashing its 2 screens until the power breaker was flipped. The rack fell apart & to change a fuse it required a total removal from built in cabinet, the knobs wiggled and fell apart - and within 2 weeks I sent it back to the store. Turbochef's sandbox reaction-we will not let you have another one! The piece of art-they called it-turned into the piece of 410 lbs junk before it proved that it works. My Thanksgiving dinner was not finished.

  4. Idoknow,

    I am reuly sorry to hear your issue, especially during Thanksgiving. Your comment is certainly more disturbing than the previous post. The "X dealer" should invest in support and not rely on the manufacturer. An appliance dealer should be a customer advocate with reasonable customer issues and problems.

    This is the second release of the Turbochef product. The technology works commercially. Whether this is the right compamy remains to be seen. Most new peroducts, however, have their glitches. The great companies understand their need to address and mitigate the early issues.

    We will see very shortly Turbochefs category. If you would like my help, send me an email. Perhaps I can forward your complaint to the right people.


  5. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Frog did great work on design - but Turbochef did not execute the transition from a commercial to consumer unit.
    I bought one in Nov. 2007 and received an immature, poorly made, unit that in less than an hour went from the piece of art to 410 lbs of junk. I am their target audience - and quick evaluation revealed multitude of manufacturing and quality control problems. Turbochef went caput and I could not finish cooking my 2007 Thanksgiving. I sent it back to the store when technicians could not repair it timely without ripping it fully out of the wall to change a suspect fuse, not to mention need for software update, software blocking what I wanted done, and catastrophic failure - all within 2 weeks. As for Turbochef support - great verbal support. Turbochef's sandbox reaction - we will not sell you another oven!
    I would love to have a mature product from a company which stands behind their product and takes full responsibility for their errors. Turbochef is not such company yet. I'll wait - but by that time others will have similar products I hope.

  6. 2 comments on the 410 pounds of hunk of junk with sandbox reactions from the company..

    Not a good start for this company or any company....

    We have hooked our display piece live for about 6 weeks and have used it for about 8 hours total so far

    As far as service is concerned, Turbochef is not different from any other appliance brand, the dealer is inevitably responsible

    I will be happy to help with any issues even if you have not purchased the product at Yale(we have not sold one yet)