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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Small Appliances....Dishwashers

As I have said on occasion, appliances fit cabinets. Dishwashers fit a base 24 inch cabinet, so consequently dishwashers are all 23.75 inches wide. Somebody should tell Dacor as their dishwashers are 24 and 30 inches wide and are for new construction only.

There are three options for 18 cabinets. All of which are surprisingly good.

Frigidaire is a basic dishwasher with decent cycles.

Frigidaire 18

Miele is an exceptionally good dishwasher with a stainless tank, quiet operation and unsurpassed product quality(quality means great repair record). Then again at roughly $1200, it should be

Miele 18

The sleeper pick is GE monogram. Stainless tank and decent features, but is half the price of the Miele

Monogram 18

An interesting alternative is the Danby countertop dishwasher...A product without cabinet requirements


  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    1. What is the model number and price of the Miele dishwasher shown in the blog posting? Is there a specific Miele model that you favor?
    2. I've heard that dishes and glassware washed in European dishwashers take an incredibly long time to dry vs. those washed in American-made/branded dishwashers due to their lack of a heater coil. Is that true?
    3. Do you have an opinion of Jenn-Air dishwashers? I'm contemplating purchasing one with a stainless exterior and tank and hidden controls for around $1,000. is it worth the extra money to purchase a Miele for $1,300 or $1,750 or so (in terms of quality, energy and water efficiency and quietness of operation)?

    Thanks very much for any feedback that you can provide.

  2. OK...G818scvi is the model number and we sell it at $1399. We will install free of charge to existing fittings this month.

    Most Europeans have a condensation dry. The theory is: Once the wash cycle is completed, the steam along with a drying agent like JetDry or Somat will dry the dishes. Water doesn't dry will on stainless so you need rinse aid with a drying element anyway. I have not heard of(and I would) extraordinary time differences betwen American and European. In fact, I recommend air dry even on American product as it saves energy.

    I like JennAir. It combines the racks of an American and the styling of a European. It is, however, only available in a 24 inch size

    Lastly, my job is to inform readers of the differences so they can effect the best decision for themselves. Everyone is different. I like Miele for a premium customer who wants the best. For someone looking at an apartment, then I would say no.

    That being said, Miele does have seperate rack, plate guard plus, unbeatable repair record...BUT there is Asko, KitchenAid and Bosch that are decent performers as well....

    Hope this helped

  3. Anonymous4:13 PM


    I just got my cabinets delivered today for a kitchen renovation and the width of the opening for the dishwasher shown on the plans is 24". Does that mean that if I opted to go with the Miele that I'd have 1/4" of "extra" space showing (vs. a perfect fit for the Jenn-Air)?

    If either option is still available to me, how much more efficient and "green" is the Miele vs. the Jenn-Air?

    Thanks for your assistance.


  4. A quick search on Energystar.gov has revealed that Miele, beats the standard by 48%, JennAir by 41%

    Dishwashers are designed for 24 inch replacement(except Dacor)...The actual space around the sides will be minimal at best, so decide based on features, benefits, price and value

    Hope this helps

  5. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Hi Steve - do you have the model numbers for the 18" Frigidaire and GE dishwasher models?

    Also, assuming they are comparably priced, which would you go with?

    Thanks for your guidance.

  6. Hello....

    The Frigidaire fmb3300rgc in stainless is roughly $439

    The GE Monogram ZBD1800gss is $609. The Monogram is quieter and adss a stainless tank. It is also better looking(not that it matters)

    Hope this helps....


  7. Hi Steve,

    A couple of questions: Do you know what the approximate life span is on the Frigidaire and the GE Monogram? We have a 9 year-old 18" Roper with plastic tank that appears to have a small leak; is it worthwhile to repair that or is it at the end of its life expectancy? Thanks.

  8. ST: The average life of a major appliance is approximately 12 years. Its pretty good compared to most durables.

    A new one will cost $440 plus installation. To repair the old one would be $129 plus parts. If it is the tub, then replacement is your best bet...If not, depending on the extent of the repair, fixing could be a decent option

    Do you live in the Boston area?

  9. Yes. In fact, our Roper was purchased at Yale. We think the leak is coming from the front bottom of the machine, but are afraid to run it again in case it makes a big mess. Also, over two years ago the machine started being much louder (rumblier) than it used to be. Any advice?

  10. We can look at and credit you back a portion of the service call OR...On November 6, we will install a new one for free....

    Send me an email at Steve.sheinkopf@yaleappliance.com, if you want to discuss it in greater detail


  11. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Steve, are you still selling the GE Monogram ZBD1800gss? I dont see it on your webiste and I am having a hard time finding it online. The only place I see it listed is on GE's website. Thanks.

  12. Sure, we sell it for $599...Our website is a microcosm of what we actually sell

    Which, of course, is an excuse for not having it on in the first place