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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Simple Green And Carbon Dioxide

According to to the National Geographic, the average American produces 7.8 tons of carbon Dioxide per year....7.8 tons or the rough equivalent of two elephants.

One third is from transportation. Although that is not exactly in the appliance and lighting realm, many Green pundits will say use public transportation, bicycles and your own feet. Proper maintence, driving responsibly(speeding uses more gas) and buying fuel efficient cars are other solutions for curtail carbon output.

Carbon is also produced in large quantities residentially. For this, the National Geographic proposes raising the thermostat and buying energy efficient appliances(sound familar).

Interesting tidbit: A single 75 watt bulb left on 2 hours a day produces 6 pounds a month. The average household has 40 lights. Lets round the numbers and say 10 of these bulbs are on 2 hours a day. That is 720 pounds of carbon per year per household.

Switching those 10 lights to compact fluorescent would save 540 pounds pounds of carbon per year per household. Now multiply that times every household in the US for a good start in solving the carbon problem.

For new readers: the line on fluorescent is: it lasts 10 times longer, is 3 times cooler and is 4 times more efficient. Buy it at 2800 Kelvin for an light quality similar to incandescent

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