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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Lighting Plan

This will probably be my longest post. Lets review the last two weeks:

A Lighting plan in a larger kitchen will encompass the following elements:

A. Task or general lighting such as recessed or track

B. Ambient or environmental lighting such as semi flush fixtures and other uplights

C. Accent Lighting to higlight artworks and other objects of interest..Once again track and recessed are the primary sources

D. Decorative lighting such as pendants and chandeliers to add depth and personalization

So now we have all the elements, A common question is: Can a single fixture combine multiple elements of the plan. The answer is absolutely yes. I will show you in the rest of this post a few multiple applications.

You also do not need to spend a fortune for a well executed plan. Lets look at a few ideas

Forecast Pendant: Decorative and ambient

Nice Lights

Quoizel 3 light chandelier...Decorative and ambient

Nice Lights

Track is traditionally a task application, but can satisfy most every element. You can hang pendants for decorative. Heads can also be focused on different art objects for accent lighting

Nice Lights

Once again a combination of ambient and decorative lighting

Nice Lights

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