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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How To...Light a Room

People always tell me: I did not know there was so much to write about for appliances and lighting. My immediate response is: ok, how do you light a room?

The proper response is what kind of room, but typically people are left speechless. After all, we were never taught how to properly light an area. For bedrooms, it is easy. You probably have at this moment a desk light, a swing arm over your bed and a light in the middle of your bedroom

Guess what, it really does not matter. You have light where you need it. In different areas like kitchens and baths. For this, you need a plan(or an interior decorator)

Some of this is review, so please bear with me.

There are four types of Lights:

Task: Recessed, track and undercounter lighting for example. This is the backbone of a good lighting plan

Accent: Monopoints, track and specialized recessed. Accent lighting accentuates(go figure) statues, paintings and art

Decorative: Chandeliers, pendants. Provides depth and sparkle to the room

Ambient: Uplighting: Provides the soft environmental light. Important to the plan and overlooked in most applications

I will detail each element in further posts...


  1. Speaking of lighting...I love my Bosch B20CS50SNS but it sure is dark in there. Any suggestions?

  2. Jo,

    I am not sure of a secondary light for a refrigerator. It would probably add too much excess heat. I could see if the sockets allow for a higher wattage bulb

    Is there electrical in the vicinty? Describe the area a bit for me.


  3. Hi Steve,

    The ceiling is open at the moment. The kitchen is 12 x 13. For lighting we currently have a ceiling fan with light, 4 canister lights over the counter, and a halogen pendent over the sink.


  4. I love this, thanks. Lighting is really so important when setting an atmosphere and mood in a room. I'm always trying to explain that to my husband, who doesn't seem to notice that indirect lighting is so much softer and calming than, say, a bare bulb hanging down from the ceiling.

    But it can get complicated because of tasks, so this is helpful.

  5. Jo,

    I might suggest a track head on a monopoint as an easy and inexpensive fix to your issue. Send me an email to steve.sheinkopf@yaleappliance.com and we can discuss this in detail


  6. Snipgirl,

    You are correct....Read the next lighting posts. It will be helpful. You may also want to read the October 2 post...Trends in Lighting and appliances