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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

How to..Bake The Perfect Cookie

We bake cookies everyday in this store. I once remarked to our service manager, Jimmy Raposa, that we are known for the cookie. It is unexpected without question. Of couse Jim replied " They only remember the cookie if service and delivery meets expectations". So true

The real reason behind the cookie is simple. If you buy a convection product of any type, you will have to relearn basic cooking. A normal cookie in a radiant oven should bake in about 25 minutes at 350 degrees.

Convection, on the other hand, is fan forced heat and maintains a better temperature than regular radiant heat. Now your cookie bakes in 20-22 minutes at 325 degrees.

In case you are reticent about relearning time honored recipes, there are a couple of solutions. Miele has the Masterchef controls, which seemingly figure the proper temperature for any type of food. KitchenAid surprisingly has convection conversion. Their controls also remove much of the guesswork

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