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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Energy Tip Of the Day

We throw enough paper each year to build a 12 foot wall from New York to Los Angeles. Amazing.

Energy efficiency, Green and saving resources starts with awareness. We can decrease this number by 60% simply by email, recycling and being mindful that resources are limited


  1. Your Bosch Electric Dryer, as promoted in Globe Magazine for the ideal solution to condo or apartment living when there is no outside vent, is a huge disappointment. It is incapable of drying sheets in less than four hours and then they are so incredibly wrinkled that they must be pressed before putting on a bed. Clearly you should inform your customers of this problem before they make the purchase!

  2. To be honest, I am not interested in selling anything that does not work.

    Condensor dryers are the only solution in ventless applications, and are widely sold to builders and consumers who otherwise would not have laundry in their unit

    They have been widely sold in the US for almost a decade. I have had a Miele condensor dryer in my apartment for over 3 years without issue.

    As an ex service manager of this company, my first questions are installation and useage. For example, most front loaders have a higher RPM setting that extracts water. My second question is: Has a service agent looked at it?

    The technology is used widely and does work...If you need any further assistance or if you bought it from us, I will be happy to set a service call for you...

    My email is



  3. Mew,
    I have the LG WM3431 all in one condenser washer/dryer combo that I bought through Yale. At first the wrinkling was horrible. Two things that have really helped minimize (but not eliminate) the wrinkling are:
    1. Lots of fabric softener, and;
    2. Opening the door and moving around the clothes releasing all the steam in the dryer about 20-30 minutes into the drying cycle. This also reduced the drying time substantially.
    Hope this helps,

  4. The LG is 110 volt and is not as fast drying clothes as the Bosch.

    John, You are right insofar as the spin will wrinkle the clothes somewhat. This can be rectified using fabric softeners. We sell the very efficient European type.

    I can send you both samples. just email me your address.