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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Energy Tip Of the Day

I read energy efficiency posts every day. Now we will be heading into winter(72 degrees in Boston tomorrow)...Let me paraphrase winter efficiency EnrgySpeak:

1. Look at the insulation in your home

2. Wrap your heater or buy a new one if it predates 1990

3..Insulate windows or add that plastic sealer.

4. Energy efficient bulbs and appliances(have you heard that one before)

5. Turn down your thermostat

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I like the cold for sleeping. As you know from my summer posts, I turned my thermostat up all season to 76 degrees. For the winter, my target is 63 degrees. It is really not that hard.

My action plan:

1. Plenty of blankets

2. Plenty of sweaters

3. Thermal socks

I will stop short at wearing a hat in my own apartment. Try it and save money to buy more sweaters

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