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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Ventilation is becoming increasingly important especially since the advent of professional style ranges. A couple considerations:

A. CFM or cubic feet per minute..essentially how fast the motor moves a cubic foot of air. 300 CFM is average, but a minimum of 600-1500 for a pro range depending on size

B. Capture area or depth of hood is important on more powerful ranges. Depth of 24 inches or greater is needed in order for smoke to be captured and then filtered. Smoke will not be exhausted properly with a shallower hood

C. Duct should be sized to accommodated the volume of smoke. 4' duct may be good for dryers which only exhaust at 160 CFM, but 6-10' duct may be required for a higher exhausting stove

D. The length of duct should be planned to a minimum. Ventilation decreases with every 45 and 90 degree turn. The most efficient ducting is straight up or back to the outside with no turns and a length under 10 feet(if possible)

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