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Monday, August 13, 2007

Nonsensical Energy Efficiency Rant

By writing this post, I am effectively handling 2 subjects at once.

If you have been reading this blog regularly, the washer has been a frequent subject. It is unbelievable that top loading washers are still 60% of the market....

Following are some interesting stats on the dishwasher:

If everyone bought an Asko, Bosch, Miele or Frigidaire Energystar dishwasher just this year:

Energy Savings Equivalent:

To firing the space shuttle into orbit 5,300 times(leave it alone)
To lighting Las Vegas for 5 years

Water Savings:

To supply 2 million households
To fill 80,000 Olympic size pools(non heated of course)
To fill the US Capitol building 430 times

It would also prevent 25 billion pounds of Carbon Dioxide from releasing into the atmosphere

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