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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Front Load versus Top Load...Again

I met with our Whirlpool rep Dan Barkley yesterday(Hi Dan). I learned a very unusual statistic. 60% of Whirlpool sales in New England are still top loading washers.

At a certain level, I understand the reason. Top load machines are cheap and work(just not as well). The rate of repair is also excellent. At $399, there are a good value on the surface.

However, the top load has not changed significantly since 1946. It has diminished capacity versus a front load(up to 62%) uses 30 more gallons and twice as much energy.

Front load laundry is one of the main products of the Green Project. The premise is: Would you buy a product for 150-400 more if it saved $150-300 per year to operate

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