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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Energy Tip Of the Day

The ETOD is becoming my least favorite post. Most of these tips are pretty easy and will save you money. I am just running out of ideas. Sure, I could say:

Check your insulation
Close your drapes
Buy programmable thermostats
Buy CFLS(again)

I just want it to be easy and relevant. Today, I will show you how desperate the situation has become......I am actively blogging against my very livelihood

Line dry your clothes. If everyone in the USA line dried their clothes, we would save 3.3% of our energy. Now I like supporting OPEC as much as the next American, but this requires technique and know how.

A. We assume a suitable climate
B. We assume a proper area

By line drying your clothes will have the softness relative to sandpaper, so finish in the dryer for 5-7 minutes

I will send a $20 gift card for a tip that I can use with full credit to the author. My next post could be use a horse and carriage instead of a car

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