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Monday, August 20, 2007

Energy Tip Of the Day

I saw 60 Minutes last night for about 60 seconds before I became aggravated. Seems that a certain penguin is starving in droves, because their shrimp diet has been curtailed greatly. The shrimp live under the ice near the Antarctic. Unfortunately, there is no ice anymore, which means no shrimp, penguins, sharks and sooner or later we are sans fish at the local Whole Foods.

A couple more tips: Just as a FYI to new Yale Bloggers, our tips are easy and are designed to save energy, money and/ or time, the benefit to the environment is an added bonus

1. Fix the leaky faucet, even a drip per minute will waste 20 kilowatts per month

2. Turn up your refrigerator to 38-40 degrees. It will save a huge amount of energy and keep the food fresh

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