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Friday, August 17, 2007

Energy Fact and Tip of the Day

Its been a good week for the blog. In order to close the week strong, I will combine an energy tip and fact in the same post.

Americans will buy 8 million dishwashers this year. Dishwashers are not an energy hog as they use less energy than washing by hand. If everyone bought a super efficient dishwasher, it would be equivalent to not releasing 25 billion pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is similar to saving 3.4 million acres of forest, which is twice the Sequoia National forest.

Energy Tip: I have a confession. I like sleeping in an ice cold room, like a tomb only with ventilation. This is not a real problem in the winter, because I open the window. In the summer, its an issue. Every degree raised in the summer saves 5-10% depending on the expert du jour. In order not to be a total hypocrite when writing this column, I have been raising the temperature about 1 degree a week. It now reads 74.

Just remember: There was a famous commander who prepared his men for desert warfare by overheating the barracks to 120. Guess what, they became acclimatimated and so will you at a higher temperature.

Only difference is you will save a ton of money.

Have a nice weekend

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