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Monday, August 20, 2007


Most of the posts have featured washers. The difference between a top and front load washer has been well documented as top loads are truly a waste of your money, time, water, electricity and therefore deleterious to the environment.

But what about dryers? Actually the same is true on dryers as well. Dryers vary greatly in effectiveness. The descriptions of the major cycles are as follows:

Time Dry: Basically a cycle that will dry at the same temperature regardless of the load. This is a very popular option for reasons that I cannot fully comprehend. Basically, you waste a ton of energy and possible shrink and/or damage your clothes

Auto Dry: Not as bad as option number 1, but auto dry works as the clothes become lighter, the machine turns down the heat.

Electronic sensor: Maytag actually invented electronic sensor. In farming, when the soil dries a sensor activates the sprinkler. Maytag just reversed the process, as clothes dry, the machine shuts down. This activates the whole higher beneficial chain reaction: Clothes are better maintained, dryer does not work as much, less energy consumed, less power generation needed, less coal or electricity burned, better for the environment and you save money.

So ask for a dryer with an electronic sensor, it should cost about $75-150 more, but will save much more than this over the life of the machine.

Electronic Sensor:


Dryer Sensor

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