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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Consumer Protection Rant

There is a company that heavily advertises huge savings on home furnishings. Unfortunately, you have to plunk down a bunch of dough for upfront fees. On a consumer protection website, there is over 10 pages of complaints lodged against them, and to be fair three pages in their favor.(one page is 5-12 comments depending on the love or frustration)

Here is how it works: You are invited to a slick presentation followed by a high pressure sales pitch designed to get you to sign on the line that is dotted(name that movie). You are sold on a promise of a cost plus handling that is far cheaper than retail.

A couple of factoids:

You should never be pressured to do anything and should ask as many questions as possible

You have three days to cancel in most states by law

You should have a very specific idea of what you want before you go

You should realize that handling and service are not part of the plan

Is this a good deal? Maybe or maybe not. They are buying appliances through dealers. I know this, because they have tried to form an alliance with us. I question the deal if they do not have a national buying structure

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