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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

LED Chandeliers

I saw the best chandelier in my career last week in Las Vegas. Have a look:

Nice, isnt it. This is Baccarat crystal, which we do not sell. I like the crystal, but this is completely powered by LED, which is 90% more efficient and has a lamp life of 17-20 years. The cost is over $60,000.

Fortuntely, LED is arriving for the rest of us in chandeliers by April at a cost starting at a pedestrian $500-700. Have sneak peak of the future...

BTW, if you truly want to save money with LED, start with recessed lights. There is a much better ROI and will usually pay for themselves in less than 3 years. To date I have saved 40% on my electric bill and have not replaced one bulb in 3 years (and dont expect too).

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  1. We too are very excited about the prospect of LED Chandeliers.