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Monday, January 10, 2011

Wolf vs Viking Round 2

With all due respect to the others, Wolf and Viking are the best names in the appliance business. A name can be important, especially if you are reselling in a tight market. There are plenty of worthy options, but these two are considered the best in pro ranges. The 48 inch range is the marquee product of both companies.

Yet only one can be number 1...



Top: Viking has a powerful 18,500 BTU right front burner, and the rest of the units are 15,000 BTU, whereas the Wolf has just 15,000 BTU...Advantage Viking.

Wolf has a 3 stage simmer with a low of 500 BTU. Viking has the Vari-Simmer, but Wolf has the lower temperature...Advantage Wolf.

Controls: Wolf has the lighted knobs and a flip down control for clock and timer. Viking(new feature) displays on the knob...Tie

Ovens: Wolf has 2 convection fans, and Viking has one larger fan. The Wolf has more cooking modes, so slight advantage...Wolf.

They actually both have self cleaning convection in the smaller oven.

Accents: Wolf has the ubiquitous red knobs, whereas Viking is available in tons of colors. If you have the right design scheme, the colors really look sharp. But then again, 98% of sales is stainless...Slight 2% advantage Viking.

Rebates: They both have great rebate programs...Wolf with SubZero, and Viking with other products....Tie.

I am calling this one a tie for political reasons. It's funny, but it really is close for the first time. Viking owned this market until 2003(?), and then Wolf stole considerable share by designing a better product. Viking woke up in late 2008 and actually improved.

We will look again.......In the meantime, there are plenty of Pro Range options with a bunch of new features. Have a look at a buyers guide, which may help you sort the information

Buyers Guide

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