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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Happened To Steam Appliances

Look at this KitchenAid wall oven...

It has a steam setting, but you would not know that (they probably don't). Steam has not developed a following amongst manufacturers who don't understand it and the general public who don't want to pay the premium for the feature.

It's a shame. Steam is the healthiest way to cook. Instead of baking out nutrients, you are adding steam to contain them. You can even bake brownies in a steam oven.

The two best products:

Miele...their Masterchef controls prompt you for everything, so it is easy.

Gaggenau...The pioneers of steam cooking. They even have a direct water feed into the oven.

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  1. Youssef11:22 AM

    We have a Gaggebau Steam oven. It's my 'desert island' appliance (if I could only have one). It's dry convection oven when we want it (0% humidity) a steam oven (100% humudity) and everything in between. Desserts, veggies, roasts, burgers, hot-dogs, Thanksgiving turkey. It does everything and does it better.